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Top 5 Worst Foods That Stain Your Teeth

A bright, white, healthy smile is a beautiful thing. Almost everybody can agree on that. When it comes to your smile, keeping your teeth healthy is important to you. You brush twice a day, floss (occasionally) and see your dentist every six months but your teeth never seem as white as they should.

The Truth About Discolored Teeth

The truth about white teeth is that tooth discoloration can be caused by many things. Tobacco products, environmental factors and even certain medications can cause discolored teeth. In addition, many of the foods you eat or drink are constantly depositing residue in the form of stains on your teeth, causing them to become yellow, dull or darkly stained. Professional teeth whitening is the best and safest way to get your smile it’s whitest.

Your Carrollton dentist, Dr. Shahnaz Babaloui can help you get your teeth white and bright, but how do you keep the stains from returning? In addition to regular dental care and avoidance of tobacco products there are some foods you should steer clear of, or at least consume them in moderation to help you fight off stains that yellow your teeth.

Here are the Top 5 Foods That Stain Your Teeth

Coffee and Tea- The dark color and sediment found in coffee and tea can adhere to your tooth surface and build up over time, creating dark stains on your teeth and at the gum line.

Colas- The acidity in colas, even diet colas works to break down tooth enamel, making it easier for stains to penetrate into the tooth surface, making them impossible to brush away. The dark color of cola sets into tooth enamel. In addition to promoting dental stains, colas greatly increase your risk for tooth decay for the same reason.

Red Wine- Do you see a trend here? Dark liquids such as red wine deposit stains on the surface of your teeth. Many people who drink red wine every day notice a bluish tone on their teeth after drinking wine.

Berries- Berries contain dark pigments that can remain on your teeth. It is important to brush after meals and snacking, especially when consuming foods that contain dark pigments. Did you know that the juice from berries and other plants can be used to make natural dyes? If it can be used to permanently dye fabric, it can certainly stain your teeth!

Sauces and Spices- Sometimes it is not the food, but the seasoning which causes tooth stains. Sauces and seasonings such as soy sauce and curry can leave a dark residue on your teeth. Even tomato sauce and ketchup are known to leave evidence behind. Brush after meals to avoid stains being deposited on your teeth.

This is the A+ Dental list of the Top 5 Foods That Stain Your Teeth, but it is in no way complete. Keep in mind, if the food or drink can stain your clothes, it can probably stain your teeth too!

Avoid stain-causing foods, or enjoy them in moderation. Brush after meals and snacks and maintain good dental habits with dental visits at least every six months. For stubborn stains or to achieve a movie-star white smile, contact the office of Dr. Babaloui, your Carrollton dentist.

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