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Carrollton General Dentistry

Good dental habits and regular check-ups are the key to preventing dental problems, but sometimes even the healthiest teeth need repair.  Dr. Shahnaz Babaloui provides general dentistry services for her patients in her Carrollton dental office.


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Tooth Colored Fillings


Tooth decay, commonly known as a cavity, is the most common dental disease.  Tooth decay occurs when acids break down the protective enamel of the tooth surface and cause destruction of the tooth structure.  Although tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, it is susceptible to damage under certain conditions.  Tooth decay is primarily caused by destructive acids.  Acids are the by product of bacteria and are also ingested in the form of sodas, sugary beverages, and sticky, sugary foods.  Bacteria feed on sugar left behind on tooth surfaces, producing tooth-damaging acids.  Tooth decay can be prevented with good dental hygiene habits at home along with regular dental cleanings and check-ups. 


When cavities do occur, early detection is the key to a successful repair.  When cavities are identified before they become large and painful, a simple dental filling is usually the only repair needed.  A small cavity is a simple repair and much less expensive than treatments which would be needed to save a more extensively damaged tooth.  Dr. Babaloui offers tooth-colored fillings for cavities.  These fillings are strong, durable, and match the surrounding tooth structure in color and appearance, making them more cosmetically attractive.


Cavity Prevention


For teeth prone to cavities and tooth decay, preventive measures can be taken to help inhibit damage to teeth.  In addition to regular dental care, Dr. Babaloui may recommend adding a fluoride treatment to your regular dental hygiene routine.  Products such as Previ-Dent fluoride gel can help strengthen your teeth and prevent cavities.  Custom fluoride treatment trays can be made for at-home fluoride treatments as well as undergoing professional strength fluoride treatments in the office.  If your teeth are prone to tooth decay, ask Dr. B. about adding a fluoride treatment for cavity prevention. 


Dental Sealants

Children are especially at risk for developing tooth decay because their dental hygiene habits are often not thorough and consistent.  In children, Dr. B. often recommends dental sealants to fill tiny crevices in permanent teeth as they come in.  Dental sealants are proven to inhibit tooth decay and prevent cavities.  It is most often recommended to have your childs teeth sealed as they erupt (come in).  Talk to Dr. B. and find out if this treatment is right for your child.


Bad Breath Treatment


Bad breath, clinically known as halitosis, is an embarrassing condition.  While there are many causes of bad breath, people who suffer with chronic halitosis can often receive appropriate dental treatment to eliminate or solve this embarrassing problem.  Some causes of bad breath are:


  • diet (onions, garlic and other strong foods have odors that can linger)

  • digestive problems such as acid reflux

  • gum disease and tooth decay

  • dry mouth


Dr. Babloui can help determine the cause of bad breath and provide solutions which may involve dental treatment or simply the addition of an oral rinse such as TheraBreath to your daily dental hygiene routine.  It is important to identify the cause of bad breath in order to treat it appropriately.  Talk to Dr. B. at your next dental appointment to find out how you can solve the embarrassing problem of chronic halitosis.


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