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Preventive Dental Care Carrollton

Prevention is the best dental medicine.  When it comes to keeping your teeth and gums healthy, it all starts with preventive dentistry, good dental hygiene and regular dental check-ups and cleanings.


Dr. Shahnaz Babaloui of A-Plus Dental knows that, for her dental patients, the best way to save money on dental care is to prevent dental problems in the first place.


Teeth Cleaning


It is important to keep your regular dental appointments for your teeth cleaning and check up.  Dr. Babaloui recommends a dental cleaning at least every six months, and for some patients, more frequently. 


Because brushing alone cannot remove all debris from the tooth surfaces, and because most of us do not floss every day, a professional dental cleaning is an important step in maintaining overall dental health.


Your dentist is able to reach damaging build-up like stubborn plaque and tartar which cannot be removed with brushing alone.  Patients who see their dentist for a dental cleaning on a regular basis have less incidence of tooth decay and gum disease.


Your dental cleaning will include meticulous removal of tartar and stains along with a nice polishing to give your teeth extra gleam and sparkle. 


Dental Exams


Dr. Babaloui will take the time to personally evaluate your dental health, examine your teeth and gums for signs of early problems, and examine your dental x-rays for signs of tooth decay, infection or otherdental  problems. 


When dental problems are detected early,before they have the opportunity to cause serious damage,  repair is much less costly.  In addition, correcting dental problems when they are small increases the success of treatment, compared to allowing a dental problem to become more serious or painful before undergoing treatment.  Because she is committed to preserving the natural dentition, Dr. Babaloui strives to detect small areas of decay as early as possible, so she can provide treatment while the problem is more easily correctable.  This proactive approach to dental repair preserves tooth structure and helps patients keep their natural teeth.


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