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The Best Ways To Save Money On Dental Care

The cost of dental care is a concern among Carrollton families. At A+ Dental, we often meet dental patients who have avoided the dentist for years, and as a result require extensive dental treatment in order to restore their dental health and function.

These patients usually tell us that they have avoided the dentist because they were afraid of the cost of dental treatment. The truth is, dental care for you and your family can be very affordable. All you have to do is take good care of your teeth at home, and see your dentist at least every six months for a dental exam and professional cleaning.

Exams And Cleanings Are Affordable

The best way to save money on dental care is to prevent the need for extensive dental treatments in the first place. The philosophy of care at A+ Dental involves providing early detection of dental problems, prevention of dental disease through good personal hygiene and education, and affordable family dentistry. When patients take good care of their teeth at home, and do not skip dental check-ups, potentially serious problems are detected early enough to be repaired or prevented before they require the need for complex dental treatment.

Most dental insurance plans offer their members two exams and professional dental cleanings every year at no cost. This is because dental insurers know that prevention is the best way to save money on dental care. If you do not have dental insurance benefits, a professional dental cleaning and exam twice per year is still extremely affordable.

Early Detection of Tooth Decay

At your dental visit, Dr. Babaloui will perform an examination of your teeth and gums. One important thing she is looking for during this exam is the presence of tooth decay. When caught early, tooth decay (cavities) can be repaired easily and at little expense. If allowed to progress into a large cavity, the cost of tooth repair increases. If you are told that you have a small cavity that needs a filling, do not delay treatment for too long. Once a cavity destroys a portion of the tooth structure, or extends into the pulp of the tooth, treatments such as crowns and root canals must be performed to repair the tooth.

A small filling is simple, easy and affordable.

Gum Disease and Bleeding Gums

Dr. Babaloui examines the health of your gums during your dental examination. Gums that bleed easily, are receding or are reddened or irritated should be taken seriously. Bleeding, irritated gums are often one of the first signs of gum disease (periodontal disease).

Gum disease causes tooth loss, and can be painful as well as embarrassing. Detecting gum disease early, before it has caused destruction of gum tissue and bone, is the best way to prevent tooth loss. A special dental cleaning and a home care regimen are often all that is needed to reverse early gum disease (gingivitis) and prevent the need for extensive gum treatments and procedures in the future.

Affordable Dental Care

Maybe you have avoided the dentist for a long time, and already know that your teeth or gums are in disrepair. You might need to have some dental work in order to restore your dental health and get back on track for good. Affordable dental treatment is available at A+ Dental.

We accept most dental insurance plans as well as Texas Medicaid, making dental care accessible and affordable for you. Budgeting for dental work is made easy through the help of financing resources such as those available with Citi Health Card. Affordable, budget-friendly dental payment plans can help you get back on track to good dental health, and set yourself up for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

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